Apple warns iPhone 5 owners about software updates

Apple has begun to warn owners of iPhone 5 smartphones with full-screen alerts that they will lose key online features (including email, web browsing, access to the App Store and iCloud) if they don’t upgrade to iOS 10.3 before November 3rd. four. According to Apple, this is due to the reset of the GPS counters, which took place on the night of April 6-7 and in older devices will affect the operation of functions that need the correct date and time values.

The problem affects a small number of users. According to Apple, as of October 15, only 9% of all users of iOS devices are using not iOS 12, but previous versions. And if we exclude devices that are more than four years old, then the share of old iOS is reduced to 7%. However, it is noteworthy that the company has to urge people to update the software on the device seven years after its release.

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