Apple value hit historic highs

In January of this year, Apple shares were worth about 328 dollars, but against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the price began to decline. Yesterday, Apple’s stock price hit a new all-time high of $ 331.75.

It is worth noting that on March 23, the value of Apple shares fell to $ 212.61, however, after that, the shares showed constant stable growth. After the transition of many users to remote work and distance learning, the demand for the company’s tablets and laptops has grown.

Analysts say that such a record can be called surprising, given the current situation in the United States. Apple’s market value yesterday was $ 1.43 trillion.

Credit Suisse raised Apple’s expected stock price from $ 260 to $ 295 to maintain a neutral stock rating. At the same time, the financial company noted that Apple is significantly expanding its digital business in the App Store.

Analysts also claim that such an increase in Apple shares indicates that the pandemic no longer affects the industry.

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