Apple showed its next hit in a closed presentation

According to insider information, last month Apple took a very uncharacteristic step to inform a large group of employees about its plans to release an augmented reality headset (AR) and more advanced branded glasses with AR technology.

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on a headset or smart glasses using augmented reality and uses significant resources for this. Although Apple itself has not yet officially confirmed the development of such devices, limiting itself to phrases about the importance of augmented reality.

Apple showed its next hit in a closed presentation
At a recent meeting, Apple Vice President Mike Rockwell, according to Apple sources, held a presentation with other Apple executives that showed the design and features of the new AR headset. Rockwell is the leader of the Apple augmented and virtual reality team.

In addition to details about the design and features of the headset, release dates were announced. The first headset should be released in 2022, and a pair of smart glasses Apple will arrive in 2023.

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