Apple, Samsung and others do not want to be held responsible for Russian software pre-installed on their devices under the “law against Apple”

Responsibility is proposed to shift to developers.
A couple of days ago, we reported that the State Duma believed that Apple would not leave the Russian market because of the “law against Apple.” And while this question remains open, the Association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical and computer equipment RATEK, which includes Google, Apple, Samsung, Intel and many others, warned the government that the forced preinstallation of a particular software could lead to problems with stability of the devices.

More precisely, at the meeting of the working group under the expert council of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on information technologies, RATEK proposed to shift the responsibility for the stable operation of software to the developers of this software.

The fact is that now the device manufacturer, importers and sellers are responsible for the operation of the device as a whole and pre-installed programs in particular. But manufacturers in this case themselves choose which software will be present on a particular device from the box. In the case of the “law against Apple,” the situation changes somewhat, and manufacturers do not want to be responsible for the work of the software that will be preinstalled on their devices under this law.

In addition, RATEK asks to introduce a transition period of one year, within which the law will enter into force only partially: only one program will be preinstalled.

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