Apple reinvents iTunes for Windows 10 again

Apple, in its latest major update to macOS, divided the iTunes media player into three parts – Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts. However, for the Microsoft Windows operating system, it is still available in its “full” form. Apparently, the situation may change soon.

This is evidenced by the new vacancy Apple, published on the social network LinkedIn. The company is looking for a major software developer for “creating a new generation of Windows media applications.”

Currently, Windows 10 users are forced to use web versions of services such as Apple TV + m Apple Music, which is not very convenient.

The LinkedIn application also notes that the vacancy is ideal for those who passionately love music and write code. This also hints at the possible release of a full-fledged Apple Music application. In general, the full description gives the impression that Apple plans to provide users with a complete package of media applications, which is now available on Mac.

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