Apple patented iPhone power button with feedback

Apple has patented a new button for its mobile devices, which takes up much less internal space, but saving space is not limited.

A patented mechanism can offer programmable feedback. Such buttons can provide various tactile feedback, customizable by software, while they will be sensitive to the force of pressing.

In the description of the patent, the iPhone power button is given as an example, but the scope of such buttons does not end there. For example, these buttons can be used in an ultra-thin keyboard for the iPad, which will provide users with the sensation similar to working with a regular keyboard due to feedback.

Inside this button are an electric coil and magnet. When power is applied, the coil moves the magnet, providing tactile feedback. The magnet itself shifts by only 0.01 mm, but this is enough to create feedback. In addition, at the bottom there is a pressure sensor for recording pressures and taking into account the pressure.

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