Apple offers to save on access to games

Apple Arcade has a profitable annual subscription.
Apple launched its Apple Arcade gaming service this fall. At the time of launch, a monthly subscription was offered, and now there is a profitable annual subscription.

Recall that the service can be tested for free for a month. Free annual access is also offered to buyers of new Apple devices.

Apple Arcade: first introduction to the latest gaming service
In Russia, a monthly subscription is offered for 199 rubles, in the United States for $ 4.99. Simple calculations show that in the year you get 2,388 rubles and 59.88 dollars, respectively.

The new annual subscription to Apple Arcade costs 1990 rubles and 49.99 dollars. Thus, you can save 398 rubles and 9.89 dollars.

In November, Apple announced the availability of hundreds of games in the Apple Arcade. As part of the service, exclusive games are offered without advertising and additional payments.

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