Apple launched interest-free installments for the purchase of iPhone

Yesterday, December 10, Apple officially announced the launch of a new holiday offer for buyers of iPhone smartphones.

The new marketing campaign, titled “The Smartest Way to Buy Your Next iPhone,” is for those who own an Apple Card.

So, the rules are extremely simple: Apple Card credit card holders from December 10 can buy an iPhone with an interest-free installment plan for 24 months, as stated on the official Apple website.

A monthly payment for a smartphone will be included in the minimum credit card payment. For example, for iPhone 8 you need to pay only $ 18.70 per month, and for iPhone 11 the monthly payment will be $ 41.62. You can issue smartphones in installments only in the application or the Apple Store.

It was also announced that for all Apple Card credit card holders, the company increased cashback for its equipment from 3 to 6% by the end of this year.

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