Apple is turning into Samsung. Next year we are waiting for five new iPhone models

At one time, Apple released only one iPhone model per year. Then came the iPhone 6 line, and there were two devices. Now we have three smartphones in the main line, and this seems to be not the limit.

Rumors of late have been actively attributing Apple’s intention to release the iPhone SE 2 early next year, and then the company will have four relevant models.

But already in the fall of the next five of them can become. Analyst Wedbush believes that next year, apart from the iPhone SE 2, we are waiting for four new iPhone models. That is, it will be the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and another yet unknown model. At the same time, the analyst does not specify what kind of smartphone it will be, and it is still difficult to even guess what other model Apple will offer to customers. Of course, if he offers.

The analyst also notes that in 2020 all “big” iPhones will support 5G and will receive additional ToF cameras, which had already been rumored.

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