Apple introduced the new MacBook Air: significantly cheaper, with a normal keyboard and more capacious SSD

Apple unexpectedly introduced several new devices today. We’ll talk about everything, but start with a MacBook Air laptop. Since this mobile PC has been updated relatively recently (by Apple standards), today the company introduced just the next update.

But for many, it will be very important, because it was precisely today that the MacBook Air received a new scissor keyboard Magic Keyboard. Also, potential buyers will appreciate a significant reduction in prices – up to $ 1,000.

The case remained exactly the same, the display did not change, but the parameters improved slightly. If the amount of RAM remains equal to 8 or 16 GB, then the basic SSD now has a capacity of 256 GB, the top – 2 TB. The claimed autonomy has not changed much: 11 hours in browser mode and 13 hours in video viewing mode.

As for the platform, Apple, as usual, does not disclose processor models. The core is Core i3 with frequencies of 1.1-3.2 GHz, the top one is Core i7 with frequencies of 1.2-3.8 GHz. Most likely, these are the brand new Amber Lake-Y of the tenth generation.

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