Apple has confirmed. Windows 10 “broke” the screens of computers and laptops Mac

Apple has published a document in the support section on the problem with screens on Mac computers when they are running the Windows operating system.

According to Apple, on Mac computers with AMD Radeon graphics, after installing and starting the Windows 10 operating system, the right side of the screen may flicker or the image on it may be distorted. On external screens, distortion can affect the entire display area.

In this case, the Windows 10 installer displays an error that the Mac is not ready for this version of the OS due to the old AMD graphics drivers. To solve the problem, you need to update the AMD graphics drivers for Windows by following the instructions on the support site.

However, the problem is sometimes observed among users who have already installed the latest AMD drivers available. In this case, Apple recommends reducing the screen resolution until the updated drivers appear for the PC. According to Apple itself, unfortunately the last solution will not help with the AMD graphics drivers and the LG UltraFine 4K and 5K monitors.

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