Apple, Google and Samsung asked Putin not to ban their smartphones

The president may still reject the law on the pre-installation of Russian applications on devices.

Electronics manufacturers and Russian retailers contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin about the new law on pre-installing Russian applications on devices. This was reported by the publication “Vedomosti”.

The letter was sent by the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Appliances and Computer Equipment RATEK. It includes Google, Apple, Samsung, Intel, Dell, M. Video and many other companies.

On November 21, the State Duma in the third and final reading adopted amendments to the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, which were already nicknamed the “law against Apple.” The amendments oblige to preinstall Russian software applications on smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in Russia. Apple promised to leave Russia if such a law is passed, since it does not preinstall third-party applications on its devices.

The law can still be rejected by Putin and then it will not enter into force. If the president approves the law, he will enter into force on July 1, 2020.

The letter of November 29 states that the entry into force of the law will negatively affect the development of the industry, as well as lead to monopolization in the development of Russian software. It is also noted that the law is contrary to the principles of the World Trade Organization, as it creates an advantage for Russian software developers.

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