Apple failed to launch iPhone 11 outside of China

Historically, Apple products were manufactured and assembled mainly in China. Only in recent years, the company began to reduce its dependence on China and began to transfer production lines to other neighboring regions, such as Vietnam. According to new data, the company failed to start production of the iPhone 11 in India, so its dependence on China has only increased.

Apple planned to transfer production of at least one iPhone line to Vietnam first, but this idea had to be abandoned, as it turned out to be too complicated to implement. Then the Cupertino-based company planned to start manufacturing the iPhone 11 in India. This would be a significant change in Apple’s policy, since in this case the iPhone’s flagship would be made outside China for the first time.

However, Apple abandoned this plan and stopped all work immediately before the opening of the production line in India. According to a source close to the company, India turned out to be an inappropriate country because it did not have enough skilled workers and the infrastructure that Apple required.

So the iPhone 11 is still being assembled in China, where due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, there are disruptions in the supply of equipment and the production dates for new smartphones are disrupted. So far, the company does not plan to transfer production to other regions.

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