Apple Card holders can delay March payment with impunity

But for this you must first contact the company.
As we already reported, Apple closed all branded stores outside of Greater China until March 27 to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread. Apple’s efforts are not limited to this. The company said that Apple Card holders will be able to defer the March payment without charging interest on it.

The letter sent to customers said that the company understands their situation and possible difficulties with timely payment of a monthly payment due to COVID-19.

The source notes that the “Customer Support Program” does not work automatically – the cardholder must first contact the company before postponing the March payment, otherwise interest will be charged.

Apple’s move follows similar actions by other financial institutions seeking to reduce the risks associated with coronavirus for their customers. So, banks in the UK postponed mortgage and loan payments for up to three months, and the US Department of Education has suspended the mandatory payment of interest on student loans.

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