Apple buys Dark Sky weather forecast app

Apple has acquired the Dark Sky weather forecast app, which is highly regarded for its radar maps and the accuracy of its hyperlocal, minute-by-minute weather forecasts. As expected, it will be available on the iOS App Store, but the Android and Wear OS versions will be closed on July 1.

We clarify that this does not simply mean the cessation of development of new versions. The program can no longer be installed on these platforms, and those who are subscribed to the service will receive a refund when Dark Sky disables it.

Predictions, maps and codes for inserting Dark Sky will work until July 1. After that, the website will remain online “for customer support API and iOS App”. As for the API, it will work until the end of next year, but registration of new users will not be possible.

“Our goal has always been to provide the world with the greatest possible weather information, to help as many people as possible remain dry and safe, and to do so while respecting your privacy,” Dark Sky developers said on their blog. – There is no better place to achieve these goals than at Apple. We are pleased to be able to reach far more people and with greater effect than we could ever do ourselves. ”

Apple will likely use Dark Sky technology and data in its own Weather app. Previously, it used data from Yahoo and The Weather Channel.

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