Apple asks iPhone owners to install iOS 13.5 as quickly as possible for their own safety

Apple recently released an iOS update number 13.5, which adds several new features, and also fixes bugs and improves system performance.

Later, Apple published an appeal to iPhone users, in which it urges them to install this update as soon as possible, since it closes serious security holes in the operating system.

The German Federal Security Agency (BSI) also calls on iPhone users to install firmware 13.5 as soon as possible. In particular, a vulnerability is mentioned in the mail application, which allows access to the personal data of users.

It is reported that this security vulnerability was discovered by ZecOps network security startup, which confirmed that all current versions of iOS up to iOS 13.5 are vulnerable. Using this vulnerability, attackers can easily gain access to user files.

As previously reported, this firmware changes the algorithm for recognizing users by faces when using protective masks. When the iPhone discovers that the user is wearing a mask and cannot recognize it by the eyes, he will immediately open the password entry screen.

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