Apple Arcade now has exactly 100 games

Apple Arcade is a unique offer for the market. Recall that within the framework of the service, exclusive games are offered without advertising, without additional payments, and the service costs only $ 5 per month, and in Russia it is even cheaper.

At the time of the announcement, we were promised more than 100 games for the service, but initially there were significantly fewer. However, Apple actively replenished the collection, and today with the addition of six new game projects in Arcade, it became 100.

In fact, the situation is quite entertaining, since it is not clear why Apple originally spoke of more than 100 games. Indeed, at the start of the service there were significantly fewer of them, and if you do not get attached to the time, then Apple will obviously replenish Arcade with new and new projects, and after years of games there will be hundreds of games in the service.

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