Presented $ 250 Apple AirPods Pro Headphones

Apple has just added AirPods Pro wireless headphones to its website without much ado. Yes, the new AirPods model really belongs to the Pro family, although its original meaning is still long lost.

Be that as it may, the name does not affect the quality of the product. So, the headphones really look like the leaks indicated, and really cost $ 250. Which makes them one of the most expensive fully wireless headphones on the market.

But the capabilities of the new device are many. For example, there is an active noise reduction system and protection against moisture (IPX4). Of course, there is a function that allows you to let environmental sounds pass “inside”, which will be useful, since AirPods Pro are in-ear headphones. On the Russian site of Apple, this mode is called transparent.

The process of turning on and off the Transparent mode is also very interestingly implemented. This can be done without using a smartphone thanks to special pressure sensors on the “leg” of the headphones. The same solution is used to control playback.

Apple also focuses on an innovative ventilation system that allows you to even out pressure and minimize the discomfort of wearing headphones.

A separate word deserves the Adaptive EQ function, which adjusts the sound to the shape of the user’s auricle.

There is also an H1 microprocessor and an amplifier that are designed to provide good sound quality.

With regard to autonomy, Apple talks about five hours without noise reduction or Transparent mode, 4.5 hours with one of these modes, and also about 24 hours in total with the case. Supports fast charging and wireless. From the rest, we can note support for Bluetooth 5.0 and the dimensions of one earphone equal to 21.8 x 30.9 x 24 mm with a mass of 5.4 g. Dimensions of the case – 60.6 x 45.2 x 21.7 mm with a mass of 45.6 Unfortunately, there is no question of any choice of colors – the headphones are available only in white.

On sale headphones will appear on October 30, that is, the day tomorrow.

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