Another example of Apple’s greed. The company sells at an exorbitant price the slowest RAM

With the greatest delays.
Apple Mac Pro costs at least $ 6,000, and for a top-end configuration without software and accessories, you will have to pay more than $ 50,000.

In particular, for an additional 64 GB of memory, Apple asks for $ 1,000, the maximum 1.5 TB of RAM will cost crazy $ 25,000!

If you look at the cost of directly RAM modules on the Apple website, then, for example, for a 64 GB kit, the company asks for $ 1,200.

A similar memory on Amazon can be purchased for 200-300 dollars. As it turned out, despite the fact that Apple sells its RAM with huge margins, the company offers almost the cheapest memory.

The source looked at the labeling of the memory modules and found these chips on the Micron website. It turned out that these are the modules with the largest delay (CL22) from the ones available in the manufacturer’s assortment. Accordingly, they are probably the cheapest.

It is unclear exactly which memory was originally installed in the Mac Pro, but it is likely that it is exactly the same.

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