Android may lose the main advantage over iOS

In the Android operating system, a shortcoming may soon appear, as its main competitor – iOS. This is evidenced by the “evidence” discovered by 9to5Google. Within the framework of the APK Insight project, the authors of the resource “took apart” the latest version of the Google Play Store application downloaded by the company. And evidence was discovered in the code that branded protection under the Advanced Protection Program could start blocking applications installed from third-party sources on Android devices. Simply put, applications can only be installed from Google Play.

The Google Play Store app received an update to version 17.8.14 this week. In the code, the developers found preparation for the emergence of a function not yet implemented by Advanced Protection – message blocking.

It will be valid for users of Advanced Protection and applications “from the outside” will be blocked if at least one account is activated on the device within the program.

It is possible that Google will not go to extreme measures and offer some alternative for those who need to install applications not from Google Play. For example, instead of simply blocking, it will require you to scan such applications using Play Protect.

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