Android Auto users complain of an insoluble problem

Google’s automotive platform users have begun to complain about problems with Android Auto’s main useful feature. And that’s exactly what many people think of the Google Voice Assistant built-in voice assistant.

The “assistant” in cars either does not “listen” or does not answer user questions. Problems arose some time ago. Initially, such behavior of the “Assistant” was observed only among users of the beta version, but then it “leaked” into a stable release.

Basically, users tell similar stories – the system gives a “double beep” if you say “Ok Google” or press the microphone key. Others note that the “Assistant” does not respond to certain requests, such as requests to tell the news, while other commands are processed normally.

Apparently, Google has been aware of the problem since the beginning of September, but no corrections have been released yet, and there are more and more complaints. At the same time, a solution that users could apply independently has not yet been found. This is particularly ironic, given that Google promised a few months ago to improve the integration of Google Assistant and Android Auto.

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