Android and Russia set unpleasant anti-records

99% of iPhone mobile malware are not interested.
ESET antivirus company published a report on the past 2019 on the security of mobile devices. She examined the vulnerabilities of the iOS and Android platforms, as well as the most common threats.

As it turned out, 99% of mobile malware is detected on Android devices. According to experts, the Android platform is an ideal target for cyber attacks. The reasons are the constant increase in the number of users and the diversity of the Android ecosystem, as well as the fact that 90% of devices are not updated to the latest version of the OS with fixed vulnerabilities.

Most malware over the past year was detected in Russia (15.2%), Iran (14.7%) and Ukraine (7.5%). Nevertheless, Google’s efforts to improve security are paying off – over the year, the number of registered malicious code has fallen by 9%.

As for iOS, in 2019 the number of detected malware is 98% compared to 2018, and 158% compared to 2017. They are mainly concentrated in China (44%), the USA (11%) and India (5%) ) At the same time, experts emphasize that the number of new types of malware remains rather low.

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