Android 11 will receive the long-awaited opportunity

The existing restriction is becoming more annoying.
Smartphones that are running the Android operating system cannot record videos larger than 4 GB. According to the source, this should change next year with the release of Android 11.

This restriction is becoming increasingly annoying for many content creators, because now there are many smartphones on the market that allow you to record videos in 4K resolution. We will not be surprised if in the near future there will be smartphones with support for video recording in 8K resolution. Such videos take up a lot of space.

Now, if the file exceeds 4 GB, the camera application continues to record video, but saves it to the next file. As a result, the gallery may contain several files, which, as planned, should have been part of a single video. This is not very convenient.

XDA Developers have unearthed confirmation in the Android source code that Google will allow the user to create video files larger than 4 GB in the next numbered version of Android. If the company adheres to the previous time frame, the first beta version should appear sometime in March 2020.

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