Android 11 will complicate the tracking of users

Google will very soon present the final version of the Android 11 OS, and therefore more and more details about it appear on the Web. So this time, the source revealed an interesting detail: one-time permissions in the new version of the operating system will expand.

Everyone is familiar with the so-called one-time permissions in Android 10: when installing the application, the user gives (or does not give) permission to determine the location. In Android 11, the company reportedly went further: “global” one-time permissions would need to be given to use a camera or microphone. So if the user is not sure about the installed program, he can forbid it not only to track the location, but also to access the microphone with the camera.

Of course, this option will not save you from surveillance by special services or pre-installed spyware on your smartphone, but inexperienced users who installed dubious software even from Google Play will be able to compare the capabilities of the program and the need to use a microphone and a camera. If the functions are not comparable, then the application will immediately be “cut off oxygen” – disconnected from the camera, microphone, GPS. Accordingly, it will not be able to follow the user.

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