Analyst explained why Apple will throw out earphones and a charger from a set of future iPhone

Recently, a lot of monotonous information has appeared from various sources, which claim that the new iPhone smartphones will lose not only complete headphones, but also a charger.

Now, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingji, partner of Xiaomi Industry Investment, a well-known analyst Pan Jiutang, as well as Barclays Bank analysts have fully confirmed this information, citing insider information from Apple. They also explained why Apple made this decision.

According to Guo Mingji, the cost of materials for the iPhone 12 series is much higher than for the iPhone 11. To keep the price of the iPhone 12 at the level of iPhone 11, the company decided to exclude headphones and a charger from the kit. He also confirms that the iPhone SE, which will be released in the second half of this year, will also lose its charger and headphones.

In addition, Guo Mingji says Apple’s new 20W charger will go into mass production in the third quarter. In appearance, it will be similar to an Apple charger with a capacity of 18 watts. The production of a standard 5 W charger and an 18 W charger will end this year.

It is also believed that Apple made such a decision to initially spur sales of a 20-watt charger.

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