An engineer who made the first processor for truly affordable home PCs passed away

Chuck Peddle was 82 years old.
Today it is difficult to imagine a world without computers and their new incarnation – smartphones. However, at one time computers were very far from ordinary consumers and their tasks.

According to sources, ten days ago, at the age of 82, Chuck Peddle, an engineer who contributed to the popularization of home PCs and the emergence of affordable models, passed away.

In particular, it was he who back in 1975 developed the 6502 processor (MOS Technology 6502) at a cost of only $ 25 (several times cheaper than competitors), which made it possible to create affordable home PCs. For example, it was on this CPU that Apple I was created, and at the heart of the legendary Atari 2600 game console was the CPU 6507 – an option 6502 in a cheaper case.

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