An alternative to Qualcomm and MediaTek. Oppo develops its own single-chip system

Most smartphone manufacturers use Qualcomm and MediaTek single-chip systems. Samsung also has its own Exynos platforms, while Huawei has Kirin.

Oppo also seems to want to release its own SoC. For the first time we heard about such plans of the manufacturer last year. Then it was said about Oppo M1, although part of the rumors indicated that this was not SoC, but a kind of coprocessor.

Now on the Web again appeared information about the plans of Oppo. The source says that the initiative is called the Mariana Project, and that not only Oppo experts are involved in it, but also employees of Realme and OnePlus, companies that originally appeared thanks to Oppo.

This may mean that the plans of the Chinese giant are really serious. It is also a hint that the final product can be used on both Realme and OnePlus smartphones.

Unfortunately, there are no details yet. As you know, developing your own SoC, if in the case of Oppo is still about it, it takes a lot of time, and this process can not always be called successful. It’s enough to recall that at one time LG and Xiaomi released their SoCs, but their use did not go further than one model for each company.

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