AMD’s plans to capture the processor market are truly grand

The company intends to capture a quarter of the market for desktop and server CPUs. AMD, as you know, has been expanding its share in all segments of the processor market for several consecutive quarters. AMD currently has about 18% on the desktop and about 14% on the mobile.

The company believes that it may well repeat its record. In the best of times, AMD owned 25% of the market for desktop CPUs and about 17% – mobile. A company spokesman said that he sees no reason why AMD should not consider these indicators as the immediate goal.

Let’s get to our historic high first, and then talk about where we will go next

In the server segment, according to recent data from Mercury Research analysts, AMD had about 4% at the end of the third quarter, but the company’s representative claims that it now occupies 7% of the market. Moreover, AMD intends to cross the 10% mark by the second quarter of next year, that is, even before the release of the next-generation CPU Epyc. On the whole, AMD aimed at its historical maximum in this segment. In this case, it is 26%.

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