AMD’s new mobile processors make budget discrete graphics pointless

If all the rumors are true.
At the beginning of next year, AMD will release Renoir mobile hybrid processors. They will switch to Zen 2 architecture and a seven-meter process technology, increase the maximum number of cores, but at the same time, according to all the latest rumors, they will remain with integrated GPUs of the Vega generation.

We recently learned that the iGPU frequencies of these processors can be very high. New data indicate that the number of stream processors can still be increased.

The source claims that it found in the latest AMD Bootcamp driver information indicating that in the maximum configuration, the new Vega GPUs will have 768 or even 832 stream processors. Today’s maximum is 704 stream processors.

At the same time, the younger energy-efficient APUs will receive Vega 6 GPUs with 384 stream processors, and the lower 45-watt APUs will receive Vega 8 or Vega 9 with 512 or 576 stream processors, respectively. That is, the configurations with Vega 3 allegedly will no longer be.

As a result, if all the latest data is correct, you should not expect a huge increase in GPU performance from the new AMD mobile APUs. But it may well make up 20-30%, which is very good.

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