AMD shares have reached the next high and in four years rose in price by 2500%


The company continues to grow.
2020 for AMD did not begin at all with the announcement of new and important products for the company, but with a record. On January 3, the company’s shares set a record of $ 49.25. The importance of the record is that the previous one lasted almost 20 years.

After that, the company’s securities went down, but now began to grow again. And they took another landmark mark – 50 dollars per share. More precisely, trading closed yesterday at around $ 50.93.

This result will be most impressive if you recall that in 2015 AMD shares were worth about $ 2 or even less. In 2014, Lisa Su took over, and as a result, the company’s securities grew in price by 2500% in less than four years.


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