AMD Ryzen, Epyc, and Radeon wearable

AMD is doing so well on the “hardware front” that the company has taken a logical step to “soften” its product range a bit. Now fans of Ryzen and Epyc processors, as well as Radeon video cards, in addition to accessories, will be able to purchase clothes with their favorite brands.

At the moment, the range of AMD branded clothing items is small: a T-shirt ($ 25), a sweatshirt ($ 66), a baseball cap ($ 27) are offered. And if you want, you can buy the whole kit in its original wooden box: AMD Ryzen Limited Edition Box Set will cost $ 150.

As you can see, AMD’s clothes weren’t as cheap as processors, but this is a purely fanatical topic, which means that prices can be kept at a high level.

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