AMD Radeon 5950 XT flagship video card features published

Its L2 cache is two times larger than the Nvidia Tesla V100 and Titan RTX.
One of the Twitter users published a photo of the SK Hynix booklet with the characteristics of the promising flagship AMD Radeon 5950 XT graphics card. It is obvious that SK Hynix will become a supplier of memory for this model, and, therefore, the company is aware of all the characteristics of the model – they are presented in the picture.

Judging by this list, the AMD Radeon 5950 XT will be a performance monster. She will receive 80 execution units, 5120 stream processors, 320 texture units and 96 blending units. The volume of the second-level cache was 12 MB – this is two times more than the Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU and Titan RTX, and three times more than the Radeon RX5700 XT.

The flagship graphics card is the flagship memory: AMD has relied on the latest HBM2e. SK Hynix, recall, introduced this in August last year, and mass production is scheduled for this year. The memory capacity was 24 GB, the width of the memory bus – 4096 bits, bandwidth – 2 TB / s.

While this is all that is known about the AMD Radeon 5950 XT, but this data is enough to form an idea of its performance. The announcement date is not announced, but it is unlikely that the novelty will appear before the summer.

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