AMD processors are becoming more popular among Steam users, but you can’t say the same about AMD video cards

Another study of hardware and software on Steam suggests that AMD CPUs and APUs are becoming more popular among platform users: in fact, their share has been growing almost monthly (except for March) since the beginning of 2020. May increase – 0.74%. Not much, but there is nothing good for Intel. Even despite the fact that the majority of “blue CPUs” on Steam is 77.54%. AMD and CPUs accounted for 22.45% as of May.

If the share of AMD processors in Steam is gradually increasing, then AMD video cards are far from being so popular: in fact, there is only one “red” representative in the Top 10 – Radeon RX 580. As a result, AMD’s share in the category of video cards is only 15.98%. Intel, which does not have discrete graphics cards, has a slightly smaller share of 10.63%. Well, the king of the mountain in the segment is Nvidia.

Of the other features of the report: for the most part, users play on laptops and PCs running the 64-bit version of Windows 10 (85.58%). The most popular monitor resolution is Full HD (63.51%). It is followed by a typically “laptop” resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels – 10.91%. But monitors and televisions are not very popular with Steam users, they account for 2.17%.

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