AMD: “Our processors are almost six times more profitable than Intel”

AMD has released seven-meter CPUs in two segments: in the desktop and server. Although most ordinary consumers do not know about the products of the server segment, and from the point of view of marketing, such CPUs almost do not work, it is the server segment that is important in the long term. Especially considering the margin of this market.

At the moment, the latest AMD Epyc CPUs simply do not have direct competitors from the Intel camp, and they will appear sometime in the first half of next year. And AMD does not miss the opportunity to recall the situation on the server market at the moment.

For example, the company claims that its second-generation 32-core Epyc CPU is no less than 5.6 times better than Intel’s top-end server CPU in terms of performance per dollar.

It is worth noting that Intel’s 10-nanometer server CPUs will be released next year, but it is not yet clear what they will be and whether they can compete with AMD solutions. Especially when you consider that shortly after their appearance will come third-generation Epyc processors.

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