AMD may revive dual-GPU release

AMD company in the video card market for a long time adhered to the strategy of producing relatively small GPUs for mid-budget adapters.

And to create top-end 3D-cards, two such GPUs were used. And although such decisions had limitations, they made it possible to play in the upper segments of the market without extra costs.

However, in the end, AMD abandoned such video cards, since in general the market moved away from multiprocessor graphics subsystems. Now neither AMD nor Nvidia are promoting their technology for combining multiple adapters.

Can AMD revert to its previous strategy? Given the market situation and rumors about the top-end Navi GPUs, it seemed that this should not happen. However, enthusiasts found something interesting in the new driver, which indicates the possibility of a new dual-processor Radeon card.

The lines of code above touch the Navi 10 and the lines below touch the Fiji GPU. At the same time, there were never such lines in the drivers for Linux for the Vega 10 and Vega 20 GPUs, just as there were no corresponding dual-processor video cards. More precisely, there was and is a model Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, but it is available exclusively for the Apple Mac Pro.

Thus, it is possible that AMD will nevertheless release some kind of graphics card with two Navi 10 GPUs, but, given the optimization situation, it is unlikely to appear in the consumer segment. Perhaps we are talking about some kind of professional adapter.

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