AMD is preparing a revolution in the laptop market

AMD has already released desktop seminometer processors and server. But in the mobile segment, the freshest are the Ryzen 3000 – carriers of the Zen + architecture, which are produced using a 12-nanometer process technology.

According to the source, next-generation AMD mobile APUs will be presented at CES 2020, and laptops based on them will appear in the first quarter of next year. And these hybrid processors obviously make a lot of noise.

The source claims that the new APUs will not only switch to the new process technology and new architecture, they will also finally receive an increase in the number of cores. To be more precise, we are talking about the six-core Ryzen 5. That is, the new APUs will not only be faster than the current ones due to the new architecture and increased frequencies, but there will also be 50% more cores.

But that is not all. The source claims that the new AMD APUs will turn the market for budget gaming laptops up, as models with a six-core Ryzen 5 and a discrete Radeon graphics card will cost from $ 700! True, it is not yet clear what kind of video card it will be. The source suggests that this may be a Radeon RX 5300M (such has not yet been presented) or the RX 5500M, but this is definitely not about the second model, since it will obviously play in a different price segment with its performance.

Also for such laptops will be declared autonomy at 12 hours. As a result, such a laptop in absentia looks extremely attractive.

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