AMD is preparing a new very cheap processor

To date, Athlon PRO 300GE is the only 12-nanometer Athlon processor. But soon we should get regular consumer APUs.

A number of sources indicate that AMD is preparing to release the Athlon 3000G APU, while other sources are talking about the Athlon 320GE, moreover, judging by the parameters, we are talking about the same processor.

It is more logical to expect the name Athlon 320GE, but the name itself is not so important. This hybrid processor will receive two cores with SMT support. The operating frequency is 3.5 GHz, the configuration of the Vega 3 GPU is 192 stream processors with a frequency of 1100 MHz. TDP new items will be 35 watts.

The parameters of the new product are almost identical to the Athlon 240GE model, so there will not be much difference in performance. We can assume that they will ask for the Athlon 320GE as much as for the Athlon 240GE at the start, that is, $ 75

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