AMD for the first time in 12 years occupies more than 30% of the processor market

AMD’s share of the processor market is growing, and in all segments. Recent data from the second quarter of this year indicated that AMD occupies 17.1% of the desktop CPU market and 14.1% of the mobile processor market.

PassMark Software data indicates that in the third quarter AMD occupied 31.2% of the CPU market, and now it occupies 30.5%. However, it is worth clarifying that in this case, the information does not concern the shipment of processors.

The source takes information from its test software, which users install on a PC. Therefore, you cannot compare this data with supply information.

However, something can still be appreciated. For example, in the second quarter, AMD, according to this source, had 23.1% of the market. That is, in the third quarter there was an impressive leap, clearly explained by the release of the latest Ryzen 3000 desktop CPUs. Simply put, we should expect that the real deliveries of AMD processors in the third quarter have grown significantly – you just have to wait for data from reliable sources.

It can also be noted that the current result of AMD (more precisely, the result of the third quarter) is the best in 12 years.

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