AMD does not stop. The company continues to increase its share in all segments of the processor market.

The largest share of the company in the desktop CPU segment.
Statistics from the German Mindfactory store show us that AMD has occupied the lion’s share of desktop processors for many quarters in a row. There are similar data from other major stores in other countries.

The problem is that desktop processors for self-assembly are far from the largest part of the processor market and not even the largest part of the desktop CPU market.

Therefore, when the share of AMD processors reaches 85% in the Mindfactory store, this does not mean that the company occupies the same share in the entire CPU market or at least desktop CPUs. However, AMD’s success certainly extends to all segments. A recent report from Mercury Research analysts allows us to understand exactly how.

So, according to the results of the fourth quarter of 2019, AMD’s share in the server segment amounted to 4.5%, increasing in quarterly terms by 0.2 percentage points and in annual terms by 1.4 percentage points.

In the mobile segment AMD now occupies 16.2%, which is 1.5 percentage points more than a quarter earlier, and 4 percentage points more than a year earlier. In the desktop segment, AMD has the largest share – 18.3%. This is 0.3 percentage points more than in the third quarter, and 2.4 percentage points more than a year earlier. AMD’s total market share for PC processors is now 15.5%, which is 0.9 and 3.2 percentage points more than a quarter and a year earlier, respectively.

Analysts also note when it was AMD that last occupied such a large share of a particular market.

As you can see, this was in 2013-2014. Considering the market situation and Intel’s plans for the release of new CPUs, we can assume that in the coming months AMD will continue to increase its share in all segments.

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