AMD crowds Intel on all fronts

The source, referring to a recent report by analysts at Mercury Research, shared data on the situation on the processor market in the third quarter.

According to the report, AMD continues to increase its share in all segments of the processor market. In particular, AMD now occupies 18% in the desktop CPU segment, which is 0.9 percentage points more than a quarter earlier, and 5 percentage points more than a year ago.

AMD already has 4.3% in the server segment, while only a quarter earlier it was 3.4%. Well, a year ago, AMD occupied only 1.6% of the market.

In mobile AMD occupies 14.7%, which is 0.7 and 3.8 percentage points more than a quarter earlier and a year earlier, respectively. In general, AMD now occupies 14.6% of the processor market compared to 13.9% a quarter earlier and 10.6% a year earlier.

The success of AMD is due primarily to the successful third-generation Ryzen processors and the right pricing policy. Although Intel CPU shortages played a role.

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