AMD continues to bite off Nvidia’s discrete graphics card market share

Analysts at Jon Peddie Research evaluated the discrete graphics card market in the third quarter of this year. At the same time, they evaluated the AIB market, that is, cards created by partners of Nvidia and AMD.

The market grew by an impressive 42%, to 10.5 million adapters, but this is in quarterly terms. In annual terms, the market grew by 6.2%.

Nvidia remains the market leader, which managed to increase its share from 67.92% in the second quarter to 72.92% in the third. The share of AMD decreased from 32.08% to 27.08%.

If we talk about indicators a year ago, then Nvidia occupied 74.28%, and AMD – 25.72%. That is, over the year, on the contrary, AMD managed to increase its market share, and the share of Nvidia decreased.

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