AMD characterizes the integration of AMD Epyc processors into the Nvidia DGX A100 systems as “continued ecosystem growth”

AMD announced that the next high-performance computing system that uses second-generation AMD Epyc processors will be the Nvidia DGX A100, the third generation of the most advanced artificial intelligence system. The performance of this system reaches 5 PFLOPS, allowing through the use of AI algorithms to accelerate the solution of various problems in areas such as data analytics, training and logical conclusions.

A key component of the Nvidia DGX A100 is a pair of AMD Epyc 7742 processors operating at a frequency of up to 3.4 GHz. In total, it is 128 cores. The processors support DDR4-3200 RAM and the PCIe 4 bus. The manufacturer notes that AMD Epyc processors of the second generation are the first and so far the only x86-compatible server processors that support the PCIe 4 bus. Its high throughput is claimed in high-performance computing for communication between the central processor and accelerators.

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