AMD came up with how to halve the cost of processors

During the ISSCC 2020 conference, at which leading representatives of the semiconductor business demonstrate their achievements, AMD spoke about the new technology. It allows you to halve the cost of one of the most productive processors in the line – Ryzen 9 3950X.

The idea of ​​AMD’s new approach is to use the expensive 7-nanometer process technology to develop exclusively those processor elements on which the final chip performance depends. The remaining components, it was decided to produce using 12-nanometer technology, the cost of which is much lower. In addition, the engineers placed eight CPU cores on one chip at once, which allowed them to reduce costs and produce processors that are suitable for installation in the AM4 connectors (up to 16 cores), SP3r3 and sTRX4 (up to 64 cores).

According to representatives of AMD, the new approach was applied not only for server, but also for desktop processors designed for ordinary customers. According to company experts, due to the new technology, the cost of the same Ryzen 7 3700X chip using a multi-chip layout will allow you to win 50% in cost. In the case of the Ryzen 9 3950X, the difference can be more than two times. In addition, the more cores, the more noticeable becomes the difference in the cost of using 7- and 12-nanometer manufacturing processes.

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