Amazon will require a review of the contract between the Pentagon and Microsoft. Issue price – $ 10 billion

As we already reported, Microsoft recently received a $ 10 billion Pentagon contract for cloud computing. The contract provides for the creation of a single cloud for the American military machine – Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud (JEDI) – and is part of a broader program of digital modernization.

Amazon, which was previously considered the most likely candidate for this contract, immediately stated that it was considering protesting the decision to conclude a contract, since “a detailed comparative assessment of the proposals” made by the candidates “will clearly lead to a different conclusion.”

At the end of last week, it became known that Amazon has filed a notice of intention to formally appeal the decision on JEDI. According to an Amazon spokesperson, Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy said at a company meeting that it was not easy for a US agency to objectively sign a contract when the president insulted one of the participants. It’s about President Trump publicly making fun of Amazon’s bid.

The source quoted Amazon as saying: “Numerous aspects of the JEDI evaluation process contained clear flaws, errors, and biases, and it is important that these errors be addressed and corrected.”

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