Amazon equips warehouses with thermal imagers to identify sick employees

Amazon, the largest online retailer, began installing thermal imagers in its warehouses in order to timely identify workers with fever that could be infected with coronavirus. This was reported to Reuters by company employees.

Now, thermometers are used to control the temperature at the checkpoint. Thermal imagers not only allow you to speed up measurements, but, according to one of the manufacturers of thermal imagers, also give more accurate results. In addition, there is no need for close contact between those who measure temperature and those who measure it.

Coronavirus infections have already been reported among employees in more than 50 Amazon stores in the United States. This prompted some workers to leave their jobs, and unions called on Amazon to close the buildings.

In France, Amazon had to temporarily close six order centers in a similar situation.

Other companies, in particular Intel, already use thermal imagers at their enterprises.

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