Alphabet will donate more than $ 800 million to fight COVID-19

Alphabet Holding, which includes Google, will donate more than $ 800 million in funds for the production of medical supplies used to combat COVID-19, and in the form of advertising loans for government and medical organizations and enterprises.

According to the company’s general director, she is working with Magid Glove and Safety on the production of 2-3 million masks and will provide financial support for efforts to expand the production of medical devices and personal protective equipment.

An outbreak of coronavirus has overloaded healthcare systems around the world and led to a lack of protective equipment and medical equipment, including face masks and ventilators.

The source said that Alphabet will provide an opportunity to display ads on Google for free in the amount of $ 340 million to small and medium-sized enterprises, and $ 250 million to the World Health Organization and government agencies.

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