Alphabet Quarterly Income Exceeds $ 40 Billion

Alphabet Holding published a report for the past quarter. The third quarter of 2019 brought the holding revenue of $ 40.499 billion. This is 20% more than a year ago, equal to $ 33.740 billion. And if you adjust for changes in the exchange rate, then the growth is equal to 22%.

Operating profit amounted to $ 9.177 billion, operating margin – 23%. In the second quarter of 2018, the values of these indicators were equal to $ 8.625 billion and 26%, respectively. Net profit for the year decreased from $ 9.192 billion to $ 7.068 billion.

The main source of income in the holding is Google. During the reporting period, she brought 40.344 billion dollars. A year ago, Google’s quarterly revenue was $ 33.594 billion. Google’s operating profit for the year grew from $ 9.490 billion to $ 10.865 billion.

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