Alphabet CEO will receive $ 240 million share premium

His annual salary is $ 2 million.
Alphabet’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai, will receive a $ 240 million share premium in the next three years. This is the biggest reward that has ever been promised to the leader of the search giant.

According to official documents, the salary of Pichai, starting in 2020, will be equal to $ 2 million per year. For comparison: the salary received by Larry Page (Larry Page), who held the same position last year, was equal to 1 dollar.

When Pichai took over as head of Google in 2015, he received an annual salary of $ 652,500, and a year later – a share premium of $ 199 million.

A representative of Equilar, which tracks the remuneration of executives from leading companies, recalled that Tim Cook (Tim Cook), taking office as CEO of Apple, received $ 376 million.

According to Equilar, the median salary of top executives of major US companies in 2018 was $ 1.2 million.

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