AliExpress will fight with sellers profiting on coronavirus

Due to the aggravated situation in the market of medical products and hygiene products, AliExpress turned to the sellers of the site with a request not to arrange speculation on this category of goods. Representatives of AliExpress promised to control the situation and threatened stores with a complete block in the event of violations.

On AliExpress (Russia) emphasized the need to support a population that needs protection. In case of violation of the rules and artificial price increase, representatives of the site will block sellers and completely remove the goods.

“The situation on the market of medical goods and personal hygiene products is reminiscent of the behavior of some unscrupulous taxi drivers after the attacks, when the cost of the trip grew tenfold due to transport collapse. This behavior causes condemnation. Now individual stores are trying to maximize the benefits of the pandemic, boosting prices and fueling panic in society: masks and gels, which cost several tens of rubles, are sold for hundreds – people are afraid of shortages and buy in bulk.

We urge the market to unite against unethical behavior towards customers and do everything possible to ensure that masks, respirators, antibacterials and other important goods are available at regular prices, ”a spokeswoman for AliExpress Russia.

Sellers received official letters from AliExpress Russia, in which the key requirements were clearly formulated: to refuse to raise prices for medical and other protective equipment (masks, gels, respirators), not to underestimate prices without limiting the number of goods in the order to avoid an influx of speculators, not use medical masks as a free gift for increasing the cost of the order and not distort the description of the product, giving it “miraculous” properties.

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