AI taught how to save people from earthquakes

For many centuries, earthquake forecasting has remained one of the most difficult tasks. Humanity has learned to calculate the likelihood that it will happen, but is not able to predict its strength and place. What the person did not do – the machine will do. China has created artificial intelligence capable of performing this complex work with unattainable accuracy for people.

The system was developed by China University of Science and Technology in conjunction with the Earthquake Authority in China. She gained access to huge volumes of data on seismic activity over a long history, as a result of which she learned how to predict impending earthquakes based on a complex set of information from various sources. The system is currently being tested in Yunnan and Sichuan in southwestern China. It was there that in 2008 there was an earthquake that claimed 90 thousand lives.

Experts report that forecasting is fully automated and does not require human involvement. At the same time, based on forecasts, it is possible to turn off power plants in advance, warn thousands of people and make utilities more alert. The system was tested, proving its effectiveness in 446 cases. If the results continue to be as high as they are now, AI will expand to the whole of China, as well as to other countries experiencing the destructive effect of Earth’s seismic activity.

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